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Advanced margin imaging you’ve been waiting for

Surgeons have worked for years to innovate every step in the diagnosis and treatment plan for their cancer patients, with the ultimate goal of improving survivability and quality of life. Yet, intraoperative margin assessment remains one of their most pressing problems.

Perimeter’s S-Series OCT technology gives surgeons:

  • The most advanced intraoperative margin visualization available as they strive to reduce re-excisions
  • Clarity on margin status in the OR versus waiting days for pathology results to confirm
  • Actionable, real-time insights to tailor clinical decisions to each patient

The S-Series OCT has 510(k) clearance under a general indication and has not been evaluated by FDA specifically for use in breast tissue, breast cancer, other types of cancer, margin evaluation, and reducing re-excision rates. The safety and effectiveness of these uses has not been established. More information here.

Features and Benefits

 Imaging power designed for clinical support right in the OR

The Power to See More

With higher resolution than current technologies and unparalleled clarity for visualizing cellular-level disease, Perimeter S-Series OCT changes “let’s wait for pathology” to “let’s see right now.”

The images shown here depict the correlation between the real-time OCT volume and post-op pathology slides. It is clear to see that OCT captures detail that traditional imaging simply cannot provide.

Representative correlation. Top panel: OCT image showing breast tissue microstructures. Bottom panel: H&E slide from corresponding region. (D) Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS), (A) Adipose Tissue.

How OCT Integrates into Surgeon’s Workflow


Up to 7 days

Post-op Pathology


  • Pathology confirms final margin status


~15 minutes in OR

Real-time Perimeter OCT


  • Visualizes tissue microstructures at the cellular level
  • 10X the resolution of X-ray and ultrasound

Perimeter S-Series OCT can readily fit into surgeon’s existing workflow. The device itself is portable, so it can be moved to any OR that is being used when excising tissue. Scan times are 1-2 minutes per margin or about 15 minutes overall with interpretation. While OCT does not replace pathology, it provides essential real-time insight on margin status to give surgeons added assurance before closing.

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Benefits to Surgeons

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