Benefits to Surgeons

A Powerful Tool for Margin Visualization

High-resolution intraoperative imaging technology

The Perimeter S-Series OCT is designed to provide surgeons with the clinical support they need in the OR — every step of the way. Clinical guidelines state that 2mm of clear margins produce the best outcomes for patients undergoing tissue excision assessment.8

Perimeter’s advanced technology delivers the clearest 2mm subsurface imagery available, with 10x the image resolution of standard X-ray and ultrasound and 100x greater than MRI, for intraoperative imaging power that’s truly next level.

Features and Benefits

 Imaging power designed for clinical support right in the OR

Clearly See the Difference

Surgeons have been asking for a new generation of imaging technology that provides clear, ultra-high-definition imagery during surgery. Perimeter’s S-Series OCT delivers the clarity needed at the point of care — when it matters most.

These images show the correlation of the Perimeter OCT volume to histology. This technology does not replace the need for histology, but provides real-time insight on margins for surgeons before closing.

It’s clear to see that the OCT images show cellular-level detail surgeons have never seen before, and it happens all in real time right in the OR.

Representative correlation. Top panel: OCT image showing breast tissue microstructures. Bottom panel: H&E slide from corresponding region. (D) Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS), (A) Adipose Tissue.

Seamlessly Integrates into
Your Workflow

Perimeter S-Series OCT fits seamlessly into your existing workflow. The device itself is portable, so it can be moved into any OR that’s being used for a tissue excision procedure. Scan times are 1-2 minutes per margin or about 15 minutes overall with interpretation. While it does not replace standard histopathology, OCT provides valuable insights when and where surgeons need to make informed decisions.

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See It In Action

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