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Surgeons have worked for years to innovate every step in the diagnosis and treatment plan for their cancer patients, with the ultimate goal of improving survivability and quality of life. Yet, intraoperative margin assessment remains one of their most pressing problems. Watch the clips below to see how one surgeon has incorporated OCT technology into her OR workflow — and now has the tools to visualize margins with ultra-high-definition imagery.

Incorporating OCT
into the workflow

Perimeter’s OCT technology fits seamlessly into the workflow as an adjunct to specimen X-ray and pathology, and it’s portable so it can be easily moved into any OR.

Interacting with the software & scanning the specimen

Surgeons can label and capture images of surgical margins on all six planes, with a scan time of 1-2 minutes per margin, to convey accurate orientation for pathology.

Interpreting OCT images to inform decision-making

Ultra-clear subsurface imagery and image review manipulation tools make it easy for surgeons to identify regions of interest for optimized decision-making in the operating room.

Prepping for pathology

Tissue is entirely preserved and the device does not touch the patient or enter the sterile field. While OCT does not replace histopathology, it can provide guidance for the pathology team.

Interactive Volumes

See how Perimeter integrates with and enhances the current workflow.

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