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Afraid. Overwhelmed. Determined. After a diagnosis of cancer, you may have these and so many other feelings. You might also be ready to fight — moving as quickly as possible to remove the cancer from your body and resume your everyday life. We’re in your corner during that fight and want to share an exciting new technology that can help your surgeon see more in the operating room.

First, we’ll talk about the importance of getting clean margins during surgery. Then, we’ll introduce you to Perimeter S-Series OCT, a new imaging technology that gives surgeons added clarity and confidence as they work to remove all the cancer the first time.

We will also share what other patients and surgeons are saying about Perimeter S-Series OCT, and will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our technology.

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What if your surgeon had the power to see more—right in the operating room?

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Why Clean Margins Matter

Perimeter S-Series OCT


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