Adjunct intraoperative optical coherence tomography imaging and reoperation rate after breast-conserving surgery

Amelia A. Gunter, M.D.; The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, Weatherford, TX

This white paper reports results from a retrospective, quantitative assessment of reoperation rates among patients in the surgeon’s practice who underwent OCT imaging during BCS in order to gain insight into the potential benefits and limitations of OCT for patient outcomes.

OCT white paper results snapshot

These slides show a comparison between national reoperation rates after breast-conserving surgery and the OCT white paper.

For comprehensive results and additional information, please refer to the full white paper here. Perimeter Medical Imaging AI intends the sharing of this research and associated data for an investor audience and not for use by healthcare professionals. The data collected have not undergone peer review nor evaluation by FDA and should not be used to guide clinical practice.