Gain Clarity on Margins

The Perimeter S-Series OCT device provides real-time margin visualization in the OR, enabling you to act in the moment and close with confidence.

The margin visualization technology you’ve been waiting for.

Perimeter’s S-Series OCT gives surgeons cellular-level margin visualization when it matters most.

“We didn’t get it all.”

As a surgeon, you have close relationships with your patients. Each day, you’re driven to do what’s best for them and achieve better outcomes. However, traditional technology in the OR doesn’t provide the level of visualization required to assess margins with certainty. We can’t imagine how frustrating it is to do everything you can and still have to make that dreaded call to the patient.

More advanced technology is needed in the OR.

Traditional technology used in the OR, such as X-ray, does not have the resolution to detect microscopic disease. It wasn’t designed for this purpose. As a result, surgeons must wait days for pathology results to either confirm clean margins or show positive margins, which often result in patients returning for another procedure.

OCT does not replace standard histopathology.

See margins when it matters most.

With 10x the resolution of X-ray and ultrasound at 2mm imaging depth, the Perimeter S-Series OCT device enables surgeons to see difficult-to-detect disease. This technology provides actionable, real-time insights on margins in the OR.

Scan times are 1-2 minutes per margin, or about 15 minutes overall with interpretation. By gaining clarity on margins status in the OR rather than waiting days for pathology results, surgeons can act in the moment with confidence and potentially avoid the dreaded phone call.

“It’s the closest thing to having a pathology slide in the OR.”
-Michele Carpenter, MD, FACS

The Perimeter S-Series OCT Difference

High-Resolution Software

Uses light to create cross-sectional, 3D images of tissue microstructures at 10x the resolution of ultrasound and X-ray and 100x that of MRI.

Made for Margins

Resolution is optimized down to 2 mm for identifying regions of interest in tissue microstructures and features like blood vessels, ducts, and glands. This is ideal for visualizing surgical margins.

Advanced Software

Intuitive interface speeds image review to identify and annotate regions of interest, optimizing clinical decision making. Label images of all six planes to convey accurate orientation for pathology.

Patient-Tailored Care

Helps direct excisions of shaved margins, improving patient cosmesis and savings costs. Tissue is preserved for pathology and the device does not touch the patient, enter the sterile field, or give off radiation.

Value-Based Care

Gives healthcare providers the clinical edge they need to deliver the most advanced care, standardize outcomes across surgeons, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Training and Support

A Perimeter clinical specialist will support you with integrating OCT technology into your workflow, understanding proper orientation, comfortably operating the device, and reviewing images with confidence.

“The S-Series OCT, which is the name of the technology that Perimeter has developed, is looking to become the answer to intraoperative margin assessment.”
-Dr. Beth DuPree, MD, FACS, ABOIM

The Perimeter Mission

Perimeter Medical Imaging AI envisions a world where patients no longer experience the emotional, physical, and financial stress of a second operation due to cancer left behind. In fact, the company name reflects the commitment to providing visualization of the critical 2 mm margin around the perimeter of the tissue.

Perimeter seeks to harness the power of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology to further its mission of improving the standard of care, providing better long-term outcomes for patients, and reducing healthcare costs.

Gain clarity and certainty. Act with confidence.

This is the advanced margin visualization technology you’ve been waiting for. Complete the form below to connect with a Perimeter representative, who will answer your questions and provide access to research papers and case studies that provides real-world data and insights into Perimeter’s S-Series OCT technology.

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The S-Series OCT is indicated for use as an imaging tool in the evaluation of excised human tissue microstructure, by providing two-dimensional, cross-sectional, real-time depth visualization, with image review manipulation software for identifying and annotating regions of interest.

The S-Series OCT has 510(k) clearance under a general indication and has not been evaluated by FDA specifically for use in breast tissue, breast cancer, other types of cancer, margin evaluation, and reducing re-excision rates. The safety and effectiveness of these uses has not been established.

For more information on unapproved/off-label uses, visit or contact